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"Our team combines two powerful tools, experienced real estate agents and professionals in the financial area."


Find the home of your dreams in the Greater Washington DC area


  • FREE Access to all of the Washington Metropolitan area listings
  • Automatic emails as soon property proces drop or enter the market
  • Exclusive buyer agents that will ONLY work for you, not for the seller


  • Over the many years that we’ve been serving real estate investors, one of the most asked questions on our site has been, “How Do I Get Started in Real Estate Investing? ” We guide you through the complex, but rewarding process of investing in real estate.
  • There is a difference between “theory” and “practice”, we have full time Real Estate investors in our team that can help you get started.


  • FREE Home evaluation, know what your property is worth.
  • 30 day Marketing Plan
  • 30 day Guaranteed Offer on your home


  • Elite Agents offers a free market analysis to anyone considering listing their property. This analysis is done using the most current statistics available. With our access to recent sales and active comparable listings, we can help you set a listing price that is right for your property
  • Don’t forget to ask about our 30 day Offer Guaranteed.


FREE Access to all of the Washington Metropolitan area listings.

Automatic Emails as soon property prices drop or enter the market.
Exclusive Buyer Agents that will ONLY work for you, not for the Seller.


FREE Access to all of the Washington Metropolitan area listings.

Automatic Emails as soon property prices drop or enter the market. Exclusive Buyer Agents that will ONLY work for you, not for the Seller.

About us


Not all agents are the same. And our agents have professional backgrounds that will make a difference in your buying or selling experience. Our finance major agents can give you a different perspective on your purchase or sale; at the end of the day buying a house is one of your biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. Our tax professional agents can give you a different perspective about tax implications on your purchase or sale. Our full time investor agents will give you an edge if you are looking to buy investments properties, or fix up homes. Mistakenly assessing repairs on a home could cost you thousands; let our experience help you. Our builder agents can help you pick the right builder for your home and decide if new construction is the best decision for you and your family.

The best part about us is that regardless of who you work with in our team, you will have access to all of our resources and professional backgrounds.

However, we also have a proven track record, with over 50 years of combined experience selling Real Estate. We use state of the art marketing. We use the best virtual tours and quality pictures for our listings, with virtual floor plans when listing your home. Link of your property to not only our MLS system, but ZILLOW, TRULIA,, and many more.

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  • Proven Track Record
  • Professional Backgrounds
  • Aggressive Marketing plans

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Financial impact from purchasing a home?

Buying a home is the biggest Financial decision for most of us in our lives. In our team we have a Tax Professional and Finance Professional that can help you make sense of the tax implications and financial impact a purchase will have. And It DOES NOT cost you a penny more, so why not work with professionals that can give you this extra layer of service?

Do I need a realtor to buy/list a home?

You do not need a Realtor to list a home, HOWEVER statistically For Sale By Owners sell for 20% LESS than when listed by a Realtor. And it takes on average 19 days more. So after commissions by hiring us, likely you will make 14% more than you would of and you would have your money quicker.

What are the steps to buy a home in the U.S.?

The first step is always understanding or knowing your financial position. Don’t worry you don’t need to go somewhere else. We have in house lenders that work hand in hand with us to help you reach your home ownership goal.

So first step is to get you pre-qualified for not only how much you can buy, but up to how much you feel comfortable with and makes the most sense.

Second step is for us to target your areas of interest and do a quick analysis to see if it fits your needs. Then we are off to FINDING the house of your dreams!

Should I rent or buy?

Most people that rent can buy. An in-depth analysis of your financials and credit report done by our lending partners can put you in the right track to buy your home.

Credit needs work? We DON’T CHARGE you a dime to help you repair your credit.

Stop wasting thousands of dollars in rent, contact us. And not to mention, the tax breaks you will get.

You do not need a Realtor to buy a home, HOWEVER sellers are already paying the Buyer’s agent commission so it doesn’t affect you. Also by not having a Realtor on your side, you don’t have anybody representing YOUR best interests. The seller’s agent has too look out for the seller’s best interest. If you had a choice of going to a court hearing with a lawyer that represents you and you didn’t have to pay for it, why would you go alone? So why buy a house without having to pay for the realtor that represents you?

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